Ice Cream - Royo Rhodes

A spot full of Ice Cream and Incredible Flavors!

Enjoy our delicious Pure Greek Frozen Yogurt, the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, our amazing sorbets and our daily homemade gelato.

Try Royo’s ice cream with stevia or any of the other special treats.

Add freshly cut fruits, nuts, warm chocolate or any of our fun toppings.

Soothe your thirst at Royo!

It’s all about creativity. Pick from our freshly cut fruits and enjoy a refreshing smoothie or sorbet. Choose an ice cream flavour and we will prepare a delicious Ben&Jerry’s milkshake. If you are thirsty, ask for a freshly squeezed juice. You desire something stronger ? Then our “frozen coffee” by Nespresso is what you need.

For those seeking something extraordinary, try Royo’s affogato or Pavlova.

At Royo we offer premium quality at appealing prices. Everything served is fresh and refreshing. The atmosphere is filled with music, joy, pleasure. Your absolute satisfaction is a must.